Board of Trustees Committees 2017-2018

Executive Committee
Chair:  Gray
Members:  St. John, Wilson, Malone, Humphrey

Finance Committee
Chair:  Malone
Vice-Chair: Morrissette
Members:  Espy, Leonard, Urquhart, Sexton, Vandervoort, Phelps, Starnes

Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Planning Committee
Chair:  Humphrey
Vice-Chair:  Phelps
Members:  England, Espy, Urquhart, Malone, Vandervoort, Morrissette

Physical Properties Committee
Chair:  Wilson
Vice-Chair:  Urquhart
Members:   England, Leonard, St. John, Brooks, Sexton, Vandervoort, Morrissette, Phelps, Starnes

UAB Health System Board Liaison Committee
Chair: Starnes
Vice-Chair:  Wilson
Members:  England, St. John, Vandervoort

Athletics Committee
Chair:  St. John
Vice-Chair:  Humphrey
Members:  England, Espy, Wilson, Brooks, Sexton, Vandervoort, Phelps

Nominating Committee
Chair: Brooks
Vice-Chair:  Sexton
Members:  Leonard, St. John, Malone

Investment Committee
Chair: Urquhart
Vice-Chair:  Morrissette
Members:  Leonard, Wilson, Brooks, Malone, Sexton, Humphrey, Starnes

Audit, Risk, and Compliance Committee
Chair:  Leonard
Vice Chair: Starnes
Members:  Espy, Brooks, Urquhart, Malone, Morrissette, Humphrey, Phelps

Strategic Planning Committee
Chair: Phelps
Vice Chair: Urquhart
Members: England, Espy, Vandervoort, Morrissette, Starnes

Compensation Committee
Chair:  Sexton
Vice-Chair:  Leonard
Members:  England, Espy, Wilson, Urquhart, Morrissette, Humphrey, Starnes

Legal Affairs Committee
Chair:  St. John/Espy
Vice-Chair: Malone
Members:  Leonard, Phelps, Starnes

Honorary Degrees and Recognition Committee
Chair:  Vandervoort
Vice-Chair:  Brooks
Members:  All Other Trustees

Public Review Committee(3-year term 10/1/17 – 10/1/20)
Members: Leonard, Urquhart, Phelps

UAH Committee
Chair:  Sexton
Vice Chair: Vandervoort
Members: St. John, Wilson, Brooks, Humphrey, Phelps