Position of the Chancellor

University of Alabama System

The position of Chancellor is currently being filled by an interim appointment. The Board of Trustees will select a permanent Chancellor.

Expressions of interest should be directed to Matthew Calderone: macalderone@uasystem.edu

Authorities and Duties of the Chancellor

Chancellor Attributes

  1. An individual who leads with confidence, integrity, accountability, transparency, consistency, tact and commitment.
  1. In keeping with the fiscal stewardship priorities of the Chancellorship, a strategic thinker who is outcomes-focused, applying skills and insights to proactively create, develop and secure resources that will grow The University of Alabama System in a sustainable manner that positively impacts the faculty, staff, students, alumni and the citizens of Alabama.
  2. An advocate of diversity and inclusion with a stated commitment to the success of our students as we seek to provide them with the knowledge and resources for lifelong achievement.
  3. A proactive, thorough, and adaptable leader with the courage to make complex decisions in a timely and informed manner and the confidence to take the right steps to advance the goals and mission of The UA System and its component parts.
  4. A skilled communicator who is well-organized, results-centered and has the ability to set priorities that will bring about optimum results in a manner that is collaborative, inclusive, positive and practical in keeping with the goals of the campuses and the UAB Health System.
  5. One who effectively supervises and delegates decision-making responsibility when appropriate and guides the development of diverse and cohesive groups of individuals together to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes.
  6. A collaborative spirit with the ability to forge sustainable partnerships throughout our campuses and the Health System as well as with individuals and organizations at the local, state, national and global levels in order to advance the organization’s mission.
  7. A relationship builder with a high degree of emotional intelligence and the ability to develop and maintain purposeful interpersonal connections and relationships by working and communicating with a broad constituency including faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, prospective students, donors, government officials, local, state,     national and international organizations and leaders as well as Trustees in both collaborative and supportive capacities.
  8. One who has a passion, commitment and deep appreciation for The University of Alabama System, its mission, history, and those of the campuses and Health System and the ability to manage the complex components of the System based on extensive knowledge, understanding and respect for the mission of the Board of Trustees and its institutions.
  9. A confident, energetic personality, versatile and accomplished speaking, listening and writing skills, and the ability to be a persuasive advocate for our System and higher education in dealing with internal and external constituencies.


  1. A terminal degree and a history of academic excellence;
  2. A demonstrated record of successful leadership and governance experience in the public and/or private sector; and
  3. Significant and progressive experience in higher education, in-depth knowledge of the complexities of health care delivery systems, and an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing higher education in the 21st century.