The University of Alabama System encourages ethical conduct among all employees of the System and its three institutions. Ethics Support is a resource for employees to seek guidance, without fear of retaliation, regarding potential actions or situations that could be considered unethical or a violation of conflicts of interest or other governing standards. Ethics Support is not an anonymous resource.
Ethics Support is a deliberative process. Before finalizing a response to an Ethics Support request, those responses are vetted by a System committee. Please allow time for such consideration.
Ethics Support is part of the Board’s continuing efforts to strengthen and support ethical, compliant, and risk-aware practices among UA System institutions.
As with any such resource, there are limitations to Ethics Support:

  • Ethics Support does not constitute personal legal advice.
  • Ethics Support is not intended to supplant the Alabama Ethics Commission’s opinion process. If you wish to seek a specific opinion from the Commission, please visit: State of Alabama Ethics Commission
  • Ethics Support is limited by the information that the employee provides. No employee should use Ethics Support while withholding key pieces of information that may inform the advice.
  • Your supervisor may have departmental rules that are more strictly enforced than that of State Law or Board Policy. It is up to you to consult with your supervisor if the issue or problem could be better handled internally.
  • If you are not an employee of The University of Alabama System or its four institutions or would like to anonymously seek guidance or report a violation, you can do so by calling The University of Alabama System Anonymous Reporting Hotline at 1-866-362-9476 or filing a report online here.