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The Office of Finance and Administration manages the administrative functions of the University of Alabama System Office including financial operations, information technology, and human resources. In addition, the Office administers System-wide investment activities and treasury cash management, including the pooled endowment fund and operating cash reserves, assisted by an Investment Advisor.

The Office is a liaison with the System campuses and the UAB Health System for all Board committee matters for Finance, Investments, Physical Properties, Compensation, and Athletics. Primary functions include coordinating the preparation of annual operating budgets and financial reports to the Board and overseeing the revolving five-year capital plan and annual updates for all physical plant construction and renovation projects and associated debt issuances.

The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration serves as a Director on the Board of the UAB Health System and other affiliated foundations as designated by the Chancellor.

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Instructions for Contracts Requiring Board Approval

Per Board Rule 406, the Board must approve the following contracts before the same are binding and effective:

  1. All contracts for goods or services, or both, involving an expenditure of $1,000,000 or more for the term of the contract (including all option, renewal or extension periods) that were not procured through a competitive process; and
  2. All consulting or professional services contracts involving an expenditure of $250,000 or more for the term of the contract (including all option, renewal or extension periods), regardless of whether the contracts were procured through a competitive process.

The following contracts are exempt from this requirement:

  1. Contracts that are otherwise required to be approved by the Board, such as construction and information technology contracts;
  2. Contracts that are otherwise required to be approved by the UAB Health System Board;
  3. Contracts subject to and approved pursuant to the Heightened Review Process;
  4. Contracts with publicly regulated utilities;
  5. Sponsored Research Grants and Contracts, including associated subcontracts;
  6. Contracts with related organizations that have an existing affiliation or joint operating agreement with the Board, or are otherwise incorporated as a university healthcare authority authorized by the Board.

The completion of the Contract Submittal Form, filled out in its entirety, will serve as request for Board submittal. You must complete all sections of this form and include the following documentation in order for your contract to be considered:

  1. Contract;
  2. Vendor Disclosure Form (must be less than 1 year old);
  3. Transmittal Memorandum from Senior Administrator; and
  4. Letter from Campus President recommending the contract and requesting the Board’s consideration of the contract.
  5. Resolution

Once submitted and reviewed by the University of Alabama System Office, the contract will be placed on the agenda of the next scheduled Board meeting. All submittals must meet the Board of Trustees deadline to be included on the agenda. If the deadline is not met, the item will be considered at the next available Board meeting. Only under extenuating circumstances will a deadline extension be granted. Extensions must be requested by the senior campus or Health System financial officer or other Senior Administrator.

If items are missing or the form is incomplete, you must resubmit the request in its entirety. Upon receipt of the resubmission, a new submittal date will be assigned. It is the responsibility of all submitters to ensure the request is complete before submitting. If typographical errors are found or clarification is needed during the System Office pre-Board review, the System Office, in its discretion, may make changes to the documents without requiring a complete resubmit. No changes will be made without campus or Health System review and/or agreement.

To seek such approval, please use the following form: Contract Submittal Form
Be sure to include the Vendor Disclosure Form
Contract Submittal Form (fillable PDF)

Board Rule 406 UAS Core Principles

Heightened Contract Review Request For Approval

The Heightened Review Process provides for the System-level review and approval of certain contracts in lieu of Board approval.  Contracts subject to and approved by this process must be approved by the Chancellor, or his or her designee, before the same are binding and effective.

Contracts that meet the following criteria are eligible for review and approval through the Heightened Contract review Process if they involve:

  1. Circumstances of unusual and compelling urgency (as determined by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, after consultation with the President pro tempore, Chair of the Finance Committee,   Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee and the Chair(s) of applicable Committee(s));
  2. Goods or services, or both, in support of or relating to University Hospital; or
  3. Direct provision of liability or property insurance, or compensation and welfare benefits to employees of the System office or employees or students of the campuses of the UA System, including contracts for the provision of life, disability, health (including student health plans), dental or vision insurance, or retirement, deferred compensation or other arrangement for supplemental benefits or pay not otherwise covered by Board Rule 302.

The Chancellor shall appoint System Office Staff to undertake such review. The System Office shall maintain a form for such submissions and approvals, and will provide the Board, through its Finance Committee, quarterly reports of contracts approved through the Heightened Review Process. The review is limited to a review of potential conflicts of interest. The review is in addition to all campus-required approvals and all requirements of Alabama or other governing bid laws.

To seek such approval, please use the following form: Heightened Contract Review
Be sure to include the Vendor Disclosure Form.


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