Board Rules and Policy Management

Board Rule 106.2

Board Rule 106.2 is part of the Board’s continuing efforts to strengthen and support ethical, compliant, and risk-aware practices among UA System institutions. The full Board Rule can be found below along with additional informational items related to the Rule.

If you have additional questions regarding Board Rule 106.2, please contact Katie Osburne, Director of Risk and Compliance at (205) 348-9527 or

Board Rule 106.2 FAQ Board Manual
Informational Power Point

Board Rule 108 (Policy Management)

The Board of Trustees adopted Board Rule 108 in November 2017, replacing and updating former Rule 306. It applies to all “policies, handbooks, manuals, and other guides to their organizations and operations” adopted by the System Office and campuses.

Board Rule 108


In developing policies, appropriate constituencies and sister campus policies should be consulted. Each campus should seek consistency to the extent practicable, and shall work with their campus Office of Counsel. It is recognized that campus policies may differ to reflect appropriate differences in campus roles or missions.

Proposed new policies and revisions should be sent to the appropriate Campus Designee for consideration by the Chancellor’s Designee.

Campus Designees:

Jennifer Clark
Institutional Compliance Coordinator
The University of Alabama
P: (205) 348-2304

Katie Crenshaw
Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
P: (205) 996-2006

Brandie Roberts, CDP
Coordinator of Compliance & Risk Management
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
P: (256) 824-6899


Chancellor’s Designee:

Katie Osburne
Director of Risk and Compliance & System Counsel
UA System Office
P: (205) 348-9527

For more information:
The Office of Risk and Compliance