For Immediate Release

COVID Positives Down 70% on UA System Campuses

Total numbers of COVID positive students, faculty, staff, and clinical enterprise employees across the UA System have dropped by over 70% since week one of the spring semester, according to the University of Alabama System COVID-19 data dashboard.

This week, System-wide student positives reached the lowest level since early October 2020, reiterating that the safety measures established by the UA System Health & Safety Task Force effectively reduce transmission of the virus.

Vaccination programs have also played a vital role in the reduction of positive cases, especially among System employees. Currently, all System employees are eligible for vaccination, with 19,100 employees (roughly 48%) receiving vaccines as a result of UA System campus vaccination programs.

Key COVID dashboard data this week:

  • System-wide decreases in total positives for students, faculty, staff, and within our clinical enterprise.
  • Student, faculty, staff, and clinical enterprise positives each reach lowest levels since October 2020.
  • Isolation and Quarantine housing occupancy nears a record low, with over 95% vacancy System-wide.

The next UA System Dashboard update will be released Friday, February 19.

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