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UA System COVID Cases Reach Record Low

The University of Alabama System COVID-19 dashboard released today reports a continued sharp decline in positive cases and a dramatic reduction in the occupancy rate of isolation/quarantine space on the three UA System campuses.

Sentinel testing of students, faculty and staff is ongoing, with less than 1% of those in the sentinel program testing positive, indicating a minimal rate of asymptomatic positive cases.

“I am pleased to report that our number of daily cases, active cases and use of isolation and quarantine space have all dramatically declined,” Dr. Ricky Friend said today. “This is encouraging and reiterates that, when the health and safety precautions are followed, they work very well to contain and minimize cases across the UA campus and throughout the UA System.” Dean of the College of Community Health Sciences at the University of Alabama, Dr. Friend is a member of the UA System Health and Safety Task Force.

According to System officials:

  • There are only 221 total active COVID-19 cases on the UA campus, with more than 2,100 individuals who have recovered from the virus.
  • The occupancy rate of isolation/quarantine space has dropped to 6.15% Systemwide.
  • The 1% positive rate in the UA System sentinel testing program, which will continue throughout the semester, demonstrates the effectiveness of the mitigation strategies that were imposed before the campuses reopened in August.

In his report to the Board of Trustees at the annual meeting yesterday, UA System Chancellor Finis St. John said the UA System Health and Safety plan is working well. “We faced worrisome trends on our campuses, but we were prepared. We addressed the issues as they arose and made informed decisions.

“We trusted our plan and our people, and everyone had the courage to see this through,” St. John reported to the Trustees, thanking them for setting the bar high to overcome historic challenges. “You can be proud of the innumerable people who have worked to execute your vision,” he said.

The UA System COVID -19 dashboard will be updated again September 25.

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