UAS International Travel Assistance/Insurance

The University of Alabama System (UAS) maintains a robust plan to protect and assist our international travelers engaged in Educational Travel and Business Travel abroad.

What Should I Do Before My Trip?

First, register your travel plans with your individual campus.  To receive destination alerts and access important medical and security information, download the International SOS Assistance App to your smartphone. Carry your International SOS membership card with you at all times.

Download the International SOS Assistance App: ISOS Assistance App

Download your ISOS membership card here: Membership Card

What Should I Do in an Emergency?

In a medical emergency or an immediate safety/security threat, first seek help from local authorities, then contact our 24/7 Travel Assistance Provider for expert guidance for your specific situation.

You can use the “blue button” on the ISOS app or call International SOS – 1-215-942-8478

ISOS Membership Number: 11BCAM831609

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