International business travel should be registered by completing the pdfUAS International Travel Registration Form or by contacting the Office of Risk and Compliance.

Failure to register international travel may result in personal liability for the costs of travel and/or lack of resources for emergencies abroad. For more on reimbursement rules, please consult with the Financial Operations and Reporting Manager at (205) 348-8430, and see the International Travel Guidelines above.

Travelers are also strongly encouraged to register with the U.S. Embassy in the country/countries to which they will be traveling. This can be done through the U.S. State Department website

The UA System maintains a robust plan to protect and assist our international traveling engaged in Educational Travel and Business Travel abroad. Learn more about our international travel program.


Prior to traveling internationally, please check the travel warnings provided by the U.S. State Department and Centers for Disease Control for the countries you will be visiting.

If you have any questions regarding international business travel, please feel free to contact the Office of Risk and Compliance at (205) 348-0568.