Section 1Annual and Regular Meetings

The Board shall schedule annually, in advance, regular meetings of the Board to be held during the ensuing year and shall designate one of such meetings as the annual meeting of the Board. A scheduled regular or annual meeting may be cancelled or the date, place and time of holding the same may be altered by the Board without further notice or by the

President pro tempore upon written notice, given at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled or rescheduled date, as the case may be. In any case, the Board shall meet at least once in each year.

Section 2Special Meetings

Upon the written application of four members of the Board, or any three members with his or her concurrence, the President pro tempore shall call a special meeting and issue notice thereof to the Trustees; but such a special meeting shall not be called for a day less than seven days subsequent to the date of the notice. In case there is no President pro tempore of the Board, or in case he or she is incapacitated and unable to act, then the Governor, as President of the Board, shall upon written notice of four members, in like manner, call such special meeting. In such notice the reason for calling the meeting shall be stated.

Section 3Adjourned Meetings

At any meeting, the Board may continue in session as long as it may deem proper for the welfare of the institution, and may at any session appoint a special or adjourned meeting.

Section 4Place of Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board may be held at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama, or any other such place as called by the President Pro Tempore.

Section 5Attendance

Members of the Board must be physically present at any Board meeting in order to be considered present and attending or to vote at that meeting; provided however, that the Board may have a meeting by telephone, video conference, or similar means to the extent permitted by law.

Section 6Quorum

Eight members of the Board of Trustees, exclusive of ex-officio members, shall constitute a quorum, except that the quorum shall be reduced to the number of elected trustees holding office in the event such number shall be less than eight; and every member present shall be required to vote, and a majority of those present shall govern unless a greater number is required hereunder or by any Board Rule provided for herein; except that no Trustee shall be required to vote if there exists a possible conflict of interest; however, in no event shall any action be taken unless the number of votes cast equals or exceeds the number required for a quorum.

Section 7Minutes

Minutes of all meetings of the Board and its committees shall be promptly prepared and distributed to all members of the Board by the Secretary, and upon approval by the Board or committee, as the case may be, such minutes shall be recorded in appropriate electronic and print formats and retained by the Secretary.

Section 8Executive Session

All meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be open to the public except that the Board may go into executive session when the character or good name of a woman or man is involved or when otherwise authorized by law.

Section 9Agenda

The Board shall provide by Board Rule for the preparation and advance distribution to Board members of the agenda for all meetings. The President pro tempore shall have final approval of the agenda except for items proposed by Board members which shall be included. No business other than that on the agenda shall be transacted except by unanimous consent of the members present.

Section 10Rules of Order

Rules of order shall be those normally governing parliamentary procedure, and unless overruled by a majority of Trustees attending, the chairman of the meeting will determine all questions concerning such rules.