Section 1Official Corporate Seal

The official corporate seal of The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama shall be circular in form, encircled with a rope-like band enclosing the words "THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA," and the date of opening for classes, "1831." Within the circle formed by this boundary, the Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva, in classical flowing robe, and with one hand on a globe, stands on a low pedestal with a bound book leaning against it. Lying on the ground to her left is an open scroll and in her hand she holds an olive branch. In the background to her right the sun casts its rays and in the words of Governor Israel Pickens, "represents the light of science beaming on this hemisphere so lately emerged from a heathenish wilderness." The corporate seal shall be used on all contracts requiring a seal and all Board and System certifications.

Section 2Institutional Seals

The official institutional seal to be used by the campuses shall be the same as the official corporate seal, except that the words "THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF" shall be deleted, as shown below, and except that The University of Alabama at Birmingham and The University of Alabama in Huntsville may elect to delete the date, "1831", and substitute therefore the words "BIRMINGHAM" or "HUNTSVILLE", respectively, as shown below. The Helvetica Bold lettering style for these substituted words must be uniform and must be reduced in size to fit the available space, as shown below.

The institutional seals may be reproduced in color but shall not be varicolored, except in the following instance. When the seal is displayed using metallic engraving or embossing, a single designated color may be used in the background of the encircling band where the institution's name is displayed. Only one color chosen by the institution shall be used in the background in such an instance. The official institutional seal shall be used in all diplomas, transcripts, and institutional certificates.

Each institution shall report the form and color of seal it has adopted and shall use only that form and color until a change has been approved by the Board.

The four seals as described in the text above.